Great Steak Franchise Caters to Many Demographics

By offering a high-quality product that consumers of all ages demand, a Great Steak franchise sets itself up to stay busy throughout the day and evening

One pitfall of the restaurant business is “peak and valley time,” or those swings between a super-busy lunch rush and the afternoon lull before another crowd at dinner. Thanks to a menu that appeals to all ages, a Great Steak™ cheesesteak franchise is able to help avoid those literal ups and downs.

Great Steak Cheesesteak Combo

“Great Steak restaurants get singles, people on dates, parents out shopping or whole families,” says Walter Mejia, Vice President of Operations. “That means a franchise will have people coming through not just around noon or 5 p.m., but throughout the day.”

Simple menu means anytime dining

A core principle of Great Steak for more than 30 years has been to keep things simple. That means a menu focused on cheesesteaks, as well as baked potatoes and salads, with the best, freshest ingredients. That brings customers in all day long, Walter says.

“A Great Steak cheesesteak franchise is busy during the lunch and dinner hours, but also sees lots of foot traffic throughout the afternoon and later in the evening,” he explains. “Often it’s parents with kids stopping by after school before sports or other activities, or singles and couples who want a fast, great meal after a movie or other evening events. They don’t want a lot of fuss, and they know with Great Steak they can get the sandwich they want right away.”

Millennials drawn to affordable quality

That customer base includes Millennials, who are often accused of being gastro-snobs. They like to know what’s going into their food, and that’s why many seek out a Great Steak cheesesteak franchise.

“Millennials, just like any other customer, walk right up to the counter and watch their food being prepared,” Walter says. “They see the freshness and the quality. They also know they’re going to come away with a real value in terms of pricing — Great Steak’s average ticket runs between $8 and $10. That’s great quality at an affordable price, and it’s available throughout the day and evening. It’s a simple formula, but it’s one that is helping Great Steak continue its growth across the United States.”

Great Steak is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model in the $19 billion sandwich industry. Since our brand’s founding in 1982, the Great Steak cheesesteak franchise family has grown to more than 60 locations nationwide as it partners with entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing the classic American cheesesteak experience to their communities. Owners enjoy the support not only of Great Steak’s top-shelf management team, but also that of Kahala Brands, one of the most trusted names in franchising with more than 3,000 premier locations nationwide. Whether you’re looking to bring authentic cheesesteak sandwiches to a shopping mall near you or wanting to open a friendly neighborhood eatery, Great Steak offers the right opportunity at the perfect time. There’s never been a better time to open a Great Steak.

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