As the American Mall Evolves, Great Steak Cheesesteak Remains a Food-Court Staple

Great Steak draws traffic as a unique choice in food-court fare

The American mall is not going away anytime soon, but is evolving into more of a community hub. No matter how much the American mall evolves, the food court remains a popular feature of the mall for busy shoppers. Food courts are destinations within the larger context of the mall, and Great Steak™ fills a demand for a hot specialty sandwich beyond the predictable pizza, burgers and Chinese food route.

Great Steak Food Court

A Great Steak location within a food court has potential to draw traffic and has become an in-demand tenant for many malls. Customers love watching each cheesesteak being made with the utmost of care, and an authentic sandwich made with real Philly ingredients is a popular lunch choice, standing out in a busy market full of routine options.

Great Steak takes cheesesteak very seriously. Founded by two Ohio brothers who fell in love with the sandwich on a trip to Philadelphia in 1982, Great Steak grew to more than 50 locations throughout the nation. Our simple menu focuses on cheesesteaks, both classic and innovative, and our specialization is appealing to not only cheesesteak purists, but also to the largest demographic in the United States: millennials.

“The whole idea behind a food court was to keep those mall customers on site, and that hasn’t changed,” says Kari Combs, Great Steak’s Vice President of Operations. “Now, with many malls offering other services beyond traditional retail, there’s still a need for quality, convenient on-site dining options. That’s where Great Steak is a solid fit.”

Simple business model and steady foot traffic are a winning formula

With its simple business model and streamlined menu, a Great Steak cheesesteak franchise can easily be placed in a food court. And because malls offer a steady stream of customers all day long, they remain a desirable location for franchise owners, Combs adds.

“The simplicity of the Great Steak brand makes us a great choice for investors without any restaurant experience. We require low overhead, not very many products or prep, and a small staff. It’s so simple, and it’s easy to run,” says Combs. “Combine all of this with the support that Kahala Brands provides, and all you have to do is run the business.” These are all just some of the reasons Mark and Sarah Coleman decided to get in the business to open a Great Steak in Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia.

Additionally, commercial properties are very interested in bringing in Great Steak because they know what a high-quality brand it is. “They are looking for tenants with a good business history, as well as ones who focus on creating a positive customer experience that will build return business,” Combs says. The backing of Kahala Brands™ provides intensive training and support from opening day to beyond.

“We really like that Kahala Brands focuses on developing franchises and working with the owners to help get them up and running. They stay with them through the whole process,” says Mark Coleman. “Kahala Brands supports owners because that is what they do, and they do it so well. It’s been such a pleasurable experience having that support and safety net knowing everything is being done correctly and on time.”

Great Steak is a low-cost investment opportunity in the $19 billion sandwich industry that boasts a proven business model. Since our brand’s founding in 1982, the Great Steak cheesesteak franchise family has grown to more than 50 locations nationwide as it partners with entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing the classic American cheesesteak experience to their communities. Owners enjoy the support not only of Great Steak’s top-shelf management team, but also that of Kahala Brands, one of the most trusted names in franchising with more than 3,000 premier locations nationwide. Whether you’re looking to bring authentic cheesesteak sandwiches to a shopping mall near you or wanting to open a friendly neighborhood eatery, Great Steak offers the right opportunity. There’s never been a better time to open a Great Steak.

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