Explore The Many Ways Great Steak’s In-Line Footprint Works

Adaptable footprint means franchises can be located in many high-value areas, including mall food courts and busy consumer-focused shopping plazas

Got a great location in mind for a small business? Chances are that a Great Steak™ cheesesteak franchise will fit the spot nicely. That’s because Great Steak has an adaptable footprint that allows for many different kinds of sites.

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“Great Steak owners operate in traditional mall food courts, as well as in other visible, highly trafficked locations in their communities,” says Kari Combs, Vice President of Operations. “One major benefit of the brand is that it offers a small footprint, and so it can fit in many places that might be unavailable to other concepts.”

Food courts draw business

Many Great Steak cheesesteak franchise owners opt to site their restaurant in a mall food court, and the model is well suited for those counter locations. The area is custom designed to provide a strong visual appeal, and customers are able to see their food being prepared to order.

“Great Steak has been a staple in many major malls around the United States for more than 30 years thanks to an appealing look, simple menu and a friendly, interactive experience,” Kari says. “As many malls transition to other uses, they are keeping their food courts and remain very viable locations with strong foot traffic.”

In-line concept targets specific areas

Great Steak cheesesteak franchise dining room

Another route a Great Steak cheesesteak franchise owner can take is placing an in-line restaurant in a location of his or her choosing. Again, the combination of visual appeal, great food and high-quality service helps build steady, and repeat, business.

“Many Great Steak franchise owners have a spot in mind for their restaurant, and because Great Steak has a small and adaptable footprint the location works,” Kari says. “And because the Great Steak team works with owners to evaluate and help secure real estate, they can bring well-trained eyes to the process helping to make sure the leasing and setup process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.”

Great SteakTM is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model in the $19 billion sandwich industry. Since our brand’s founding in 1982, the Great Steak cheesesteak franchise family has grown to more than 60 locations nationwide as it partners with entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing the classic American cheesesteak experience to their communities. Owners enjoy the support not only of Great Steak’s top-shelf management team, but also that of Kahala Brands™, one of the most trusted names in franchising with more than 3,000 premier locations nationwide. Whether you’re looking to bring authentic cheesesteak sandwiches to a shopping mall near you or wanting to open a friendly neighborhood eatery, Great Steak offers the right opportunity. There’s never been a better time to open a Great Steak.

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