Five Fast Facts About Owning a Great Steak Franchise

America’s premier cheesesteak franchise delivers scalable, sustainable success in the competitive sandwich industry

According to, more than 50% of Americans age 20 and older eat at least one sandwich per day — more than 120 million sandwiches each and every day! It’s no wonder that the cheesesteak sandwich is more popular than ever, and this American original has found its way onto the menus of virtually every sandwich shop in the country.

Great Steak was founded by two brothers who fell in love with cheesesteak on a trip to Philadelphia in 1982 and became one of the first brands to bring the classic cheesesteak experience to the rest of America. Led by a passionate executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Great Steak is the premier cheesesteak franchise nationwide.

As you consider options for investment, Great Steak stands out from the crowded field, and here are five reasons savvy entrepreneurs are taking a closer look at Great Steak.

1) Great Steak is a pioneer in the massive sandwich industry

Americans consume a whopping $22 billion or more in sandwiches every year, according to IBISWorld. Sandwiches are one of the largest segments of the American restaurant dining market, and Great Steak is a pioneer in the industry.

Since 1982, we have been bringing a consistently authentic cheesesteak experience to malls, shopping centers and communities. Gordon Food Service reports that more than 49% of millennials list a sandwich other than a hamburger as their favorite food. More and more customers are discovering the cheesesteak, and Great Steak has been providing America’s Premier Cheesesteak for almost 35 years.

2) America’s Premier Cheesesteak franchise is an iconic national brand

From coast to coast, Great Steak is a recognizable presence in communities, strip shopping centers and shopping malls. Customers recognize our iconic branding almost as quickly as they recognize the familiar aroma of our quality cheesesteaks.

With more than 100 locations around the U.S., Great Steak is embarking on a historic expansion. We’re looking for franchise owners who want to continue our legacy of offering quality, authentic cheesesteak sandwiches to a new generation of sandwich lovers.

3) Great Steak offers a proven business with low startup costs

With more than 30 years of successful locations behind us, Great Steak is looking to the future. A Great Steak franchise offers a proven business model, an iconic brand and a sustainable, scalable business with the low startup costs that make it a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs of any stripe.

Getting into the sandwich business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or an aspiring restaurateur, Great Steak startup costs range from just $146,600 to just over $511,000, which makes Great Steak an affordable point of entry to the potentially lucrative sandwich industry.

4) American cheesesteak sandwiches are popular among a loyal audience

Authentic cheesesteak sandwiches require just three simple ingredients: thinly sliced, savory sirloin steak, melted cheese and a baked-in-house French roll crunchy on the outside but soft enough on the inside to soak up all the juices. This delectable sandwich’s loyal legions of fans enthusiastically gush about the cheesesteak on blogs and foodie sites all over the Internet.

Whether reading a restaurant review in the Philadelphia Enquirer or customer comments from California on Yelp!, fans note that the key ingredient in a great cheesesteak is authenticity. Great Steak focuses on cheesesteak sandwiches, and our customers know that when they order one of our signature sandwiches, they’re getting the authentic cheesesteak experience, without traveling to Philly.

5) Cheesesteak sandwich franchise owners enjoy high potential ROI with two proven franchise models

Great Steak cheesesteak sandwich franchise locations produce average gross sales totaling more than $466,000 a year, according to our Item 19 disclosures in the FDD. This is a potentially huge return on investment for entrepreneurs through our in-line restaurant model and our mall food court model.

Whether you’re looking to bring authentic cheesesteak sandwiches to a shopping mall near you or wanting to open a friendly neighborhood eatery, Great Steak offers the right opportunity at the perfect time. There’s never been a better time to open a Great Steak.

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