What Sets Great Steak Apart in the $22 Billion Sandwich Industry

America’s premier cheesesteak franchise poised for explosive new growth, bringing authentic cheesesteak experiences to a new generation of enthusiasts

Great Steak cheesesteak franchise mall location


For more than 30 years, Great Steak has provided America’s Premier Cheesesteak® to  generations of sandwich lovers through their in-line restaurant and food court model franchise businesses. A pioneer in the $22 billion sandwich industry, Great Steak is poised for a new period of explosive expansion, thanks in part to a high demand for an authentic cheesesteak experience.

“When it comes to cheesesteak, if you don’t do it right and authentic, you will hear about it from your customers,” says Great Steak Vice President of Operations Walter Mejia. “Our customers are very passionate: the cheesesteak is not just a sandwich; it’s a category all it’s own.”

Cheesesteak is a staple on the menus of numerous national brands, featured on menus from SUBWAY, Firehouse Subs, and even as a pizza at Papa John’s. Yet for these brands, in the hearts and minds of consumers, the sticking point is authenticity. That’s where Great Steak sets itself apart.

An authentic cheesesteak from the premier cheesesteak franchise

Founded in 1982 in Philadelphia, Great Steak was one of the first brands to bring the classic cheesesteak experience to the rest of America. With more than 100 locations across the nation, the premier cheesesteak franchise is poised to capture a significant share of the $22 billion sandwich market.

“It’s the quintessential American sandwich,” Walter says. “At its best, it features the simple ingredients of the original found in Philadelphia: thinly sliced sirloin steak and melted cheese cooked quickly on a griddle and then placed on a lightly toasted French roll — soft enough to soak up the juices.”

Great Steak capitalizes on this simple recipe and uses it as the foundation for an innovative menu of cheesesteak options. The results speak for themselves, as our customers return time and again to repeat their cheesesteak pleasures.

A cheesesteak sandwich franchise that speaks for itself

Moe Elhindi operates two Great Steak franchise locations in Northern California. He got into the business because he wanted to own a restaurant, and Great Steak’s franchise systems make the operation simple. Pleasing customers is par for the course at Great Steak.

“Once people see our cheesesteaks, the product sells itself,” Moe says. “Great Steak has made managing the inventory, the training, and maintaining the quality of the product very straightforward.”

With a low overhead and small staffing requirement, a Great Steak franchise operation is the ideal business for the savvy entrepreneur looking to provide a great food product to an eager and enthusiastic audience. Combined with a simple menu and state-of-the-art inventory management tools, Great Steak’s products stand out amid the competition. It shows in the average per store revenue, which clocks in at a brisk $466,674 according to our most recent Item 19 disclosure in our FDD. Moe breaks it down another way.

“Everyone who wants to go into business thinks about the bottom line, and with Great Steak, the bottom line is very good,” Moe says. “I want to open another location, perhaps in an airport or in Las Vegas.”

Two models boost success rates

Great Steak offers two competitive models of its cheesesteak sandwich franchise. Each offering provides ample room for scalable growth, an identifiable brand and a sustainable business. Depending upon each franchisee’s needs and wants for their business, Great Steak’s in-line restaurants or the mall food court model provide a solid foundation for success in the sandwich industry.

The in-line restaurant model is ideal for the savvy entrepreneur who wants to bring the classic American cheesesteak experience to the heart of their community. Great Steak restaurants require a small footprint, small staff, and a low operating overhead, equipping restaurateurs with the tools and experience necessary to become the premier cheesesteak restaurant in their communities.

The food court model is the perfect option for an individual who wants to run a simple business with a small staff, benefitting from the hustle and bustle of a busy mall food court. Our success in malls across America for more than 30 years confirms that this model can generate a rapid return on investment, and our franchisees benefit from the relationships Great Steak has developed with several of the largest owners of shopping malls in the nation.

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