Great Steak Franchise Owners Get Quality Support From Kahala Brands

From initial training to ongoing assistance in every aspect of the business, nothing is left to chance when it comes to building a solid structure

While many would-be entrepreneurs are eager to launch a business, few take into consideration all the operational aspects which can lead to trouble. Great Steak™ cheesesteak franchise owners, however, avoid those pitfalls thanks to the high-quality training and support they receive from Kahala Brands™.

“Kahala Brands has decades of experience with many different types of franchise brands and models, so we bring that to the table,” explains John Wuycheck, Senior Director of Franchise Development. “Many Great Steak cheesesteak franchise owners come with a lot of business experience, but others are setting out on their own for the first time. The systems are in pace to help all of them become comfortable with operating this kind of business.”

Initial training isn’t ‘one size fits all’

That means intensive pre-opening training for new franchise owners. That’s the point at which someone’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of business operation, such as hiring employees or bookkeeping, can be identified. Then special attention can be paid to areas that might need improvement. A franchise owner who has restaurant or food-service experience but no office training might want extra focus on how to use Kahala Brand’s comprehensive, back-office systems for payroll, inventory and other functions. Or, an owner who is coming to the QSR world from an entirely different business sphere may want to dive as deeply as possible into every aspect of the business.

“The goal is to meet every new franchise owner where they are in terms of business operations,” John says. “From food prep to hygiene and safety, the programs are in place to get kitchen functions running. Much focus also is on the back-office functions, because that’s vital to keep the business operational. And then there’s employee management, customer service and a whole host of other elements that are part of training, as well. It’s a very comprehensive program, with a lot of thought behind it.”

Ongoing support helps franchises evolve

It’s important to note that there is really never an ending to training for Great SteakTM cheesesteak franchise owners. On-the-ground support is available for the opening days, and trainers can come back if needed to help solidify operations.

“Great Steak wants to make sure franchise owners and their teams are coupled with any and all opportunities to help them build a strong business,” John says. “The training’s goal is to not be ‘one and done,’ but to be an integral part of standing up the business, and then offering any needed support as it becomes a popular and well-loved dining destination in the community.”

Great Steak is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model in the $19 billion sandwich industry. Since our brand’s founding in 1982, the Great Steak cheesesteak franchise family has grown to more than 60 locations nationwide as it partners with entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing the classic American cheesesteak experience to their communities. Owners enjoy the support not only of Great Steak’s top-shelf management team, but also that of Kahala Brands, one of the most trusted names in franchising with more than 3,000 premier locations nationwide. Whether you’re looking to bring authentic cheesesteak sandwiches to a shopping mall near you or wanting to open a friendly neighborhood eatery, Great Steak offers the right opportunity at the right time. There’s never been a better time to open a Great Steak.

Learn more about the Great Steak franchise

For in-depth details about the Great Steak franchise opportunity, request our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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